General conditions

Maison Hannon welcomes you and wishes you a pleasant visit. For the well-being and safety of all, we ask that you follow the following instructions throughout your visit of the Maison Hannon.

It’s the role of our security staff that the general conditions are complied with. To make the visit pleasant for all, we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Visitors accessing the museum are required to have read these regulations and to comply with them.

General conditions

"Visitor" means any person accessing the Maison Hannon for a visit of the historic areas, the temporary exhibition, the tea-room, the garden, or attending (by invitation) any receptions, conferences, or other various events organized by the Maison Hannon.

"Ticket" means the ticket giving access to the Maison Hannon during the regular opening hours. Tickets can be printed or presented on a smartphone. Tickets are scanned in the lobby. Reservation is not mandatory, but recommended. Access to the Maison Hannon is only guaranteed by booking a ticket online beforehand. It is therefore a "skip-the-line ticket". Holders of such a ticket must present themselves at the entrance of the Maison Hannon at the designated hour. Holders of this ticket must be present in front of Maison Hannon at the time booked. In case of non-compliance with the time slot, the holder of the ticket will have to follow the same conditions as visitors who did not buy a ticket in advance.

Field of application

Article 1

This Regulation applies to:

  • Visitors (with or without a skip-the-line ticket) of the Maison Hannon, its historic spaces and its temporary exhibition;
  • Persons or groups authorized to use the premises for meetings, receptions, conferences, concerts, shows or other various events;
  • Any person outside the institution, present in the establishment for professional reasons.

Article 2

A visitors refusal to comply with the instructions of the staff of the Maison Hannon will be addressed by our security service. It may result in their immediate removal from the museum by the security service or the police.



Access to the museum

Article 3

The Maison Hannon is open to the public on the days indicated on the website.

Any deviation relating to our opening hours will be communicated at the entrance of the Maison Hannon.

The Maison Hannon is closedon January 1st and December 25th.

The Maison Hannon reserves the right to modify, on an exceptional basis, its opening hours. This exceptional schedule will always be communicated via our website or via the display at the entrance of the museum.

Article 4

It is forbidden to enter the spaces of the Maison Hannon with:

  • Objects which, by their purpose or characteristics, present a risk to the safety of visitors, the artworks or the building;
  • Any excessively heavy, bulky, annoying or foul-smelling object;
  • Musical instruments;
  • Animals, with the exception of trained assistance dogs;
  • Explosive, flammable or volatile substances;
  • Any vehicle such as: skateboards, bicycles, folding bikes, scooters, ...

This list is not exhaustive. The security staff has the right to refuse other objects deemed dangerous for general security, for the conservation of the collections or for the condition of the building.

Article 5

Access to the the Maison Hannon may be refused to any visitor:

  • Who is visibly under the influence of alcohol, drugs or similar substances;
  • Who disturbs the order or intends to disrupt it;
  • Who refuses to behave in accordance with the directives, instructions, internal regulations or rules of conduct established by the Maison Hannon;
  • Who wishes to enter the museum barefoot and/or shirtless;
  • Who is in possession of illegal or dangerous goods, materials, or objects; banners bearing – in the opinion of security staff – discriminatory or provocative texts; firearms, knives or other objects that can be used as weapons or that can be used to disturb the order.

Access to the spaces of the House-museum

Article 7

The areas of the museum are only accessible to visitors with a valid ticket. Visitors can buy their tickets via the Maison Hannon website or directly at the entrance of the museum. Access fees and the conditions of a reduced rate are indicated at the ticket office and on the website.

The presentation of a ticket, coupled or not with proof for any reduction rate, may be requested at any time by the reception staff and / or guards of the Maison Hannon.

Non-compliance exposes the visitor to their withdrawal from the Maison Hannon, without the visitor being entitled to a refund.

The visitor must comply with the traffic rules in the Maison Hannon, indicated by the guards present on all floors, especially on the staircase.

Article 8

Prior to purchasing a ticket, visitors will be informed if any areas of the Maison Hannon are inaccessible or partially inaccessible. No discount will be given.

The visitor will also be notified upon arrival in the house-museum and on the usual communication channels (website, social networks, etc.).

Article 9

The visitor is requested to leave the following in the cloak room:

  • Bags;
  • Canes that are not protected by a mouthpiece;
  • Umbrellas;
  • Coats;
  • Any object which, by its purpose or characteristics, presents a risk to the safety of persons, the artworks of art or the building;
  • Food and beverages;
  • Personal folding chairs, except those used by people with reduced mobility, subject to prior agreement of security staff;
  • Selfie sticks and related equipment;
  • Small backpacks must be carried by hand and not on the back.

This list is not exhaustive. Reception and/or security personnel are authorized to judge whether an object is eligible during the visit to the museum.

The visitor must also wear shoe protectors that are provided by Maison Hannon before entering the areas of the museum.

Article 11

The Maison Hannon offers its visitors a lockable checkroom.

The purpose of the checkroom is to offer the visitor the possibility to leave clothes, walking sticks and umbrellas free of charge before visiting the house-museum.

Article 12

In the event of loss, theft or deterioration of an object deposited in the cloakroom, the Maison Hannon declines all responsibility.

Article 13

Any deposit in the cloakroom must be withdrawn the same day and before closure of the Maison Hannon.

Every day, after closing, the cloakroom is emptied by the security staff and unremoved items are stored. After 48 hours, unremoved items are treated as “lost and found”.

Article 14

Items found in the Hannon House are kept in the in-house storage facility. If they are not claimed within the legal period (6 months), they are offered to a charity.

Perishable and worthless items are destroyed each day after the Hannon House closes.

Luggage and closed packages abandoned or left luggage that appear to present a danger to the security of Maison Hannon, may be destroyed without delay or notice by the police or the security service.

Article 15

To visit the Maison Hannon, every child under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Parents, supervisors, or teachers of children/groups are responsible for the behaviour of the people they supervise.

Any lost child is taken to the reception desk. If the child is not claimed by the end of the day, the Maison Hannon will hand it over to the police.

General behaviour

Article 16

The visitor is responsible for any damage he causes to (art) objects during the visit, participation in a workshop, a guided tour or any other activity at Maison Hannon. He is liable for compensation for the damage caused. In addition, reception staff have the right to invite him to leave the building in the event of disrespect for the objects on display and the site in general.

Article 17

It is forbidden to:

  • touch or to point to objects, unless explicitly permitted;
  • engage in racing, jostling, sliding or climbing, leaning against walls and climbing or lying on benches;
  • impede the movement of visitors or to obstruct passages and exits, in particular by sitting on stairs;
  • smoke or use narcotics;
  • eat, except in the tea-room of the Maison Hannon;
  • move furniture, chairs, seats or benches in the exhibition rooms of the museum;
  • activate a fire alarm button or an auxiliary system (fire extinguisher, etc.) without a valid reason;

In case of violation of these directives, the security staff will intervene.

Article 18

Visitors are required to follow the instructions of museum staff. The staff of the Maison Hannon, and in particular the security staff, is mandated by the management to give instructions to visitors and intervene where deemed necessary. Non-compliance exposes the visitor to immediate exclusion from the museum.

Shooting, film shoots and investigations

Article 19

During opening hours, unless otherwise indicated before purchasing the ticket, visitors are allowed to photograph or film the works of art without flash in the rooms of the house-museum with light equipment for private use. Under no circumstances may the images taken be used for professional or commercial purposes.

Article 20

It is forbidden to photograph the installations and/or technical equipment.

Article 21

In the context of public broadcasting, any recording, filming, or sound recording of the museum staff and the public requires, in addition to the prior authorization of the Maison Hannon, the consent of the persons concerned. In case of violation of these provisions, the Maison Hannon declines all responsibility towards third parties.

Article 22

Visitors may be photographed or filmed during their visit to the Maison Hannon. The Maison Hannon staff will request permission from the visitor prior to the filming. These recordings may be used for the communication of the Maison Hannon.

Article 23

During his visit, the visitor of the Maison Hannon may be invited to participate in a survey. The visitor is free to participate or not. The results of the investigations are always treated anonymously and concern only Maison Hannon internally.


Article 24

The visitor has no recourse in, among other things, the following circumstances, which will never result in the obligation for the Maison Hannon to compensate the visitor:

  • the partial closure of the museum, but not limited to, any partial closure due to the construction or dismantling of an exhibition;
  • nuisance or inconvenience caused by other visitors, including noise, inappropriate behavior and theft;
  • nuisance or inconvenience caused by maintenance work, including, but not limited to, restoration or (re)organization of spaces.

Article 25

The Maison Hannon is not required to refund any unused tickets. The related transaction costs and/or other costs are also not reimbursable.

The visitor will not benefit from any refund of the price of the entrance in case of loss or theft of the ticket.

The refund of a ticket in the exceptional case of death or force majeure must be requested via


Article 26

Failure to comply with these rules will result in the immediate exclusion of the visitor from the Maison Hannon. If the visitor does not comply, museum staff will inform the police.

Article 27

Belgian law is applicable to this regulation.



Maison Hannon
Marie-Laure Roggemans, Managing Director of the Board of Directors of the Maison Hannon.
Grégory Van Aelbrouck, Curator of the Maison Hannon.