Maison Hannon

  • Temporary exhibition


Van de Velde,
& Co

©David Plas


The Maison Hannon is one of the masterpieces of art nouveau in Brussels, uniting Belgian art nouveau with French art nouveau in a symbolist and dreamlike universe. Built on the corner of Avenue Brugmann and Avenue de la Jonction in Saint-Gilles, it was commissioned by the Hannon couple whose name it bears, Marie and Edouard, from their architect friend Jules Brunfaut in 1902.
©David Plas


The first phase of restoration is now complete: the first floor, which faithfully recreates the world of the Hannons, and the first floor, a temporary exhibition space. The façade has also been restored.
However, these renovations mark the first phase of a much larger project. Further phases of restoration will follow, and the public will be invited to take part in conferences, tours, meetings with craftsmen and crowdfunding campaigns. A unique and pertinent opportunity to understand a long process whose mission is to restore to its original splendor one of the icons of the style invented in Brussels.
©David Plas
©David Plas