Restoration of the stained glass windows

About the restoration of the stained glass windows

The bow-window, the big eyecatcher of Maison Hannon's facade, was in need of an extensive restoration. The stained glass windows, conceived by Raphaël Evaldre, who studied under the renowned Louis Comfort Tiffany, captivate with their unique design. Utilizing American glass, a ribbed variety that plays with light, they create a mesmerizing effect, multiplying the influx of natural sunlight.

Introduced after the completion of Maison Hannon in 1904, this American Glass gained popularity across Belgium and Europe. However, the passage of time took its toll. During the late 60s and early 70s, after a period when the Maison Hannon had stood abandoned, the stained glass suffered significant damage. After the classification of the façade in 1976, the bow window received a first renovation in the 80's.

In January 2023, the Maison Hannon, in collaboration with Atelier Mestdagh, embarked on a dual renovation journey involving both the 1904 and 1970's windows. The meticulous work restored the windows' former glory, a testament to the dedication of all involved.

In the coming years, the focus will extend to the metal framework. With the comprehensive renovation of the winter garden scheduled for 2024, the entire stained glass ensemble will undergo a rejuvenation. 

About the atelier Mestdagh

Situated in Merelbeke, Atelier Mestdagh embodies a convergence of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary innovation. Founded in 1947 by Albert Mestdagh, the atelier's legacy has evolved through the family's commitment. Luc Mestdagh, along with his wife Ingrid, nurtured this tradition, while Katrien Mestdagh's pursuit of a 'Master in Stained Glass Conservation and Heritage Management' from the University of York in 2015 fortified the atelier's foundation.

Atelier Mestdagh specializes in crafting and restoring stained glass windows. With a skilled team and Katrien's international network of glass specialists, the atelier melds tradition with academic insights. Open studio days provide a glimpse into the meticulous creation process.

The atelier's ethos centers on revitalizing the art of stained glass, fusing historical practice with modern perspectives. Atelier Mestdagh stands as a testament to a family's dedication to preserving and advancing this unique craft.