Restoration of the mosaics and the marbles

Mosaic and marble restorations in the Maison Hannon

Since the Maison Hannon was built in 1904, it was about time that the mosaics and the marbles received a thorough cleaning and maintenance. Marbles, like many other natural stonework, can take on a dull appearance if it hasn't been tended to regularly: dirt and scratches can affect marble's appearance, clogging the crystals that reflect light and give the stone its beauty. 

For the opening of the Maison Hannon to the public, it was of a great importance to restore the marbles and mosaics to their original beauty. During the months of February - April 2023, Camille Meslay has worked meticulously to make them shine again. 

Artisan Camille Meslay

On her work in the Maison Hannon

“Working in the Maison Hannon has been very interesting. The restoration of the mosaics was primarily a matter of cleaning, repair and surface treatment.

To fill in the gaps in the mosaics, it is not always easy to find new materials in the same colour and tone as the original rocks. This is why we had to use a lot of recycled materials like dismantled fireplaces or old skirting boards. Sometimes, when original materials are no longer available, it is necessary to make new ceramic or resin shards.

While restoring the missing areas, we had to respect the "andamento" of the original laying, i.e. the layout of the tesserae, the size of the joints and the type of mortar used.

Each day, as the restoration progresses, the decorative ensemble of the house becomes more coherent. It has been a pleasure to share this experience with the other craftsmen and historians who, through their skills and know-how, are gradually giving way to a new reading of the building."

About Camille Meslay

Camille Meslay is active in the milieu of artistic creation and heritage restoration since 2004. She has collaborated with specialists across the globe, crafting her skills in various disciplines. From mural decorations and frescoes in Paris and Switzerland to tadelakt and zellige in Marrakech, she has left her artistic footprint.

Residing in Brussels since 2014, Camille continues her restoration journey, working on mosaics, sgraffito, and wall paintings. She possesses a keen instinct for unique techniques, including cimorné and granito terrazzo, as well as mortar sculptures and castings. Collaborating with fellow artisans and restorers is her modus operandi, be it on-site projects or atelier commissions.