• Nocturnes

Nocturnes at the Maison Hannon

The Maison Hannon at the golden hour, a scientific expriment

For the first time during the Brussels Nocturnes, the Maison Hannon throws open its doors to the public. The house and its permanent collection give an insight into the world of Marie and Édouard Hannon at the beginning of the 20th century. Visitors are introduced to masterpieces of the French and Belgian Art Nouveau, and learn more about the major restoration process of the building.


EXPO For its first exhibition, the Maison Hannon presents Belgian Art Nouveau in all its diversity, through a wide range of art pieces from public and private collections, many of which have never been seen before.


GUIDED TOUR To celebrate the approach of summer, take part in physics experiments around light. A symbol of knowledge and life, light has shaped this house to enhance its poetry and express the flow of time. Thanks to the ULB Physics Experimentarium, discover Art Nouveau from another angle!

Reservation mandatory