Thematic guided tours

Discover the Maison Hannon like never before with our thematic tours!

Every first Thursday of the month, the Maison Hannon opens its doors and highlights a new theme. Between 17:00 and 18:30, you'll have the chance to discover the house and art nouveau from a different angle.

01 February 24: Poetry

We invite you to discover the poetic side of the Maison Hannon. Its history will be revealed to you accompanied by poems by great Belgian authors such as Émile Verhaeren, who undoubtedly inspired the Hannon couple.

©David Plas

07 March 24: Émile Gallé and the French Art Nouveau

The Frenchman (from Nancy) Émile Gallé was the main person responsible for furnishing and decorating the Maison Hannon. In March, visitors will be able to discover the furniture that has recently been returned to its original position. We'll also look at how the French and Belgian Art Nouveau harmoniously blend together to create this exceptional interior. 

David Plas

05 April 24: Vegetal art in the Maison Hannon

The original design of the garden of the Maison Hannon has been thoroughly studied. What might it have looked like? And what if it were a reflection of the house's decoration... a clever blend of Japanese, Arcadian and countryside, imbued with strong, poetic symbolism?

Dorian Lhose - David Plas Photography

02 May 24: Light

The Maison Hannon is oriented according to the pathway of the sun, from east to west. Natural light floods into the building and enters through stained glass windows throughout the day. It enlivens the house and gives rhythm to life at the dawn of the 20th century. And when night falls, the electricity fairy takes over.

06 June 24: the four senses

More info on this thematic visit will follow soon!