Restoration of the facade

Restioration of the facade of the Maison Hannon

Over the course of the last century, Maison Hannon bore witness to the transformative evolution of its neighborhood and surroundings. As new structures emerged and urban elements emerged – restaurants, hotels, shops, tram and bus stops – the landscape underwent irrevocable change, weaving itself into the fabric of the Maison Hannon's vicinity.

As a silent observer, the Maison Hannon silently absorbed these changes. Its façade, like a historical canvas, absorbed the traces of evolving centuries. However, with the house's abandonment in the 1960s, signs of deterioration began to manifest. The façade, once proud, succumbed to the accumulation of dirt and neglect in the absence of inhabitants to tend to its care.

For the first time in over a century, the initiative to restore the façade to its original magnificence has been undertaken. A transformative effort to reclaim the Maison Hannon's historical charm has begun.

From april to May 2023, with the help of the company Socatra, the facade received a complete make-over. The result is striking: suddenly, passers-by stop to gaze and take pictures. The renovation of the facade would not have been possible without the support of Municipality of Saint-Gilles, Urban Brussels, ST'ART Invest, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the Horta Museum, the National Lottery, Brussels-Capital Region, the King Baudouin Foundation, Prométhéa, Socatra, VINCI Energies, ASAP law firm.


To restore the facade of the Maison Hannon before its opening on June 1st 2023, a crowdgiving campaign was launched. The aim of this campaign was to help cover the cost of the restoration and the thorough cleaning of the facade. 

This crowdgiving was combined with a broad partnership between the world of construction, energy, art patronage and public authorities, united to defend excellence, heritage and its dissemination. Socatra, which generously offered their patronage of competence, together with Urban Brussels (Brussels Capital Region) and the Commune of Saint-Gilles, helped the Maison Hannon with the remaining costs.