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VOTE NOW - Caïus audience award

The Maison Hannon is nominated for the Caïus audience award

🗳 VOTE NOW! The Maison Hannon is nominated twice for the Caïus Audience Award, and we're counting on your support 🏛️✨ 

 This past year marked a significant chapter in our history, as we not only inaugurated the museum during the spring, but also launched an ambitious multi-year restoration project to revive the grandeur of the building. None of this would have been possible without the invaluable partnership (financial and skill-based) of VINCI Energy Belgium! 🔧 

 The Maison Hannon is a dynamic project: while we've taken the first steps in the restoration journey, there's still much work ahead. With a vision for the long term, we anticipate ongoing restoration efforts until 2030.  

For the opening, Socatra-Colen cleaned the facade in record time, in an exemplary manner, and provided skills sponsorship! Thanks to them for restoring the facade for the residents of Brussels and the many visitors! 🏗️  

And especially, thank you to Promethea for making these exceptional sponsorships possible! 

Your vote holds power! Vote here and support the Maison Hannon.