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Joseph Jongen at the Maison Hannon


By the students of chamber music class.

2023 is an opportunity to pay tribute to the solar work of Joseph Jongen, a Belgian composer emblematic of the Art Nouveau period, whose 150th birthday is being celebrated.

The student body and teaching staff will be delving into his musical career to offer around fifteen concerts.We'll be celebrating Art Nouveau with music, over 4 weeks open to all those who want to (re)discover this great composer. The festival will take Joseph Jongen's work beyond the informed public.

Joseph Jongen, "Deux sérénades" for strings quartet, op. 61 (1918)
Joseph Jongen, "Adagio" for violin and viola, op. 22/2 (1901)
Léon Jongen (1884-1969), "Quatuor à cordes n°1" (1919)

Free admission on reservation online

Laurent Haye, coordination