Anniversary weekend 1-2 June: exceptional programme!

Save the Date: the week-end of Saturday, June 1st and Sunday, June 2nd 2024, marks the first anniversary celebration of the Maison Hannon. The agenda includes numerous tours, musical performances, and an extended exhibition showcasing some of the masterpieces of Belgian Art Nouveau! And all proceeds will be donated to a good cause: the restoration of an album by James Ensor (KBR, MRBAB)! This marks a significant moment for this new must-visit destination in Brussels' heritage, located in the heart of the Commune of Saint-Gilles! 



Three themed guided tours will take place on Saturday, June 1st. First, an olfactory experience will explore the flowers and scents that filled the house in 1904. Next, a tactile tour will delve into the various materials that bring the place to life and the importance of their restoration. Finally, a visual tour will highlight the central role of light in the sophisticated staging of the house. Scents, materials, and light all contribute to the enchanting memory of the Maison Hannon.  

Reservation via our website is mandatory. Each guided tour lasts approximately one hour, after which visitors can continue to explore the house individually if they wish. 

On Sunday, June 2nd, starting at 11:30 am, a violinist will give a brief performance of approximately 15 minutes every hour. Visitors can thus explore the house accompanied by music. 

Guided tours are also organized for the hearing impaired. A tour is scheduled at 10:00 am in LSFB and at 10:15 am in VGT. Reservation via our website is mandatory. Guide dogs are welcome. 

Attention : for all the guided tours, reservation is mandatory. 

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...for the restauration of an album of drawings by James Ensor

During the anniversary weekend, all proceeds will be donated to the KBR and MRBAB crowdfunding campaign aimed at restoring an album containing drawings by Ensor, that were compiled by Mariette Hannon-Rousseau. The museum aims to show its support for heritage and affirm its solidarity towards projects led by other cultural institutions. This choice naturally arose given the close ties that Mariette Hannon-Rousseau, sister of Édouard Hannon, maintained with the symbolist artist.

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